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rlg Ghana

What is rlg?

A subsidiary of the AGAMS Group of Companies, rlg Communications is a Ghanaian-owned limited liability company engaged in the production of communications equipment such as mobile handsets, electronic notebooks, tablets, laptops, LCD TV monitors and more.

Key Product samples:

Mobile Handsets
Our mobile phone products come in a range of categories as presented below.
rlg r45 phone
rlg r45 phone
rlg r222 phone
rlg r222
r-series: Our mobile phones in this category are basic, less sophisticated, very moderately priced handsets produced and made affordable for all customers including low-income earners. They are on the market under brand types as r5, r6, r7, r30, r31, r40, r41, r45, r50, r62, r72, r101, r221 and r222.
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