Write For Us at All Things Ghana

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Natasha Ama Wonder 01

If you are a writer who wants a place to post your articles on for wider readership and you write about things concerning Ghana then you might like to consider All Things Ghana. Website: http://www.allthingsghana.com/

What we don’t write about:

*We don’t write about the News, at least not what is seen as news on the media today – accidents, rape, murder, corruption, insults and blames here and there. . . all the bad stuff which are news for mass consumption.
*We don’t write about so-called celebrities. We believe everyone is worth celebrating in one way or the other and not a few media over hyped folks out there.
*We don’t write about politics. Yes! NO POLITICS HERE PLEASE.
*We don’t write about Sports. Sport goes with the News you see.

Interested persons should contact Delali on 0202655733 or online via http://www.allthingsghana.com/contact-us/


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