Ghana Fun Facts

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.. Too Loud A Solitude ..

“Ladies and Gentlemen… Meet Ghana!” 🙂

Here I sum up of what I know (and think) of Ghana, again, as an Indonesian who was oblivious to how the Ghanaians live…

1. Ghana is a West African country. Yes, West Africa… we are no where close to South Africa. The distance between Ghana and South Africa is more than the distance between Thailand and Australia, or between Canada and Venezuela. (So please stop asking me if I go to South Africa often!)

2. Ghana is a small country, smaller than the island of Kalimantan (Borneo), smaller than Sumatra, even smaller than UK. The whole population of Ghana is about 22 million people. That is about the same number of unemployed people in Indonesia. 😀 (Population of Indonesia is about 240 million people)

3. The official language in Ghana is English. Nevertheless, the locals…

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