Amber Rose in Ghana, West Africa – Myths, Controversies and Apologies

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Amber Rose visits a village in Ghana, Africa?
Amber Rose visits a village in Ghana, Africa?

#TeamAmberRose & I went to a Village in Ghana to feed the children today we laughed, cried & the locals made us really cool bracelets it was an amazing experience #GiveBack 🙂

Amber Rose confuses the Arts Centre in Accra, Ghana with an African village. Well, it’s the Arts Center Amber – NOT A VILLAGE! Thank you.

Amber Rose in her recent visit to the Republic of Ghana posted some pictures of a very minute part of Ghana and Ghanaians and this started to generate some controversies online.

In an interview in Ghana, she apologized saying, “People have to understand that this is my first time in Africa. This is not my culture. I have never been here so if I said anything to hurt anyone’s feelings then I am really really sorry. Um but – I saw that a lot of people on twitter said ‘don’t just show the poverty, show the rich people’. But for me, I mean the rich people aren’t doing anything for the little kids and the people that are living in poverty so I don’t want to go hang out with the rich people. I wanted to go see the kids in poverty. I grew up very poor.”

Godwin Delali Adadzie blogs at HubBlogs with GADEL and also GADEL Said What?.


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