National Coat of arms of GHANA

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The arms were adopted on March 4, 1957.

  1. The Ghana Coat of Arms is composed of a shield, divided into four quarters by a green St. George’s Cross, rimmed with Gold. The following are the symbols in the quarters and their meaning 1. Crossed linguist staff and ceremonial sword on a blue background Position: Top left-hand quarter Represents Local Administration
  2. A heraldic castle on a heraldic sea with a light blue background. Position: Top right-hand quarter Represents National Government
  3. A Cocoa Tree position: Bottom Left-hand Quarter Represents the Agricultural wealth of the Country
  4. A mine Shaft Position: Bottom right-hand quarter Represents the mineral wealth of the Country
  5. A Gold Lion Position: In the center of the St. George’s Cross Represents the continued link between Ghana and the Commonwealth
  6. Black five-pointed star rimmed with Gold standing on the wreath of red, Gold and Green colours. Position: Surmounting (on top of )the shield Represents the lodestar of African Freedom
  7. Two Eagles, around their necks hang black star medals suspended from a ribbon of National colours – red, gold and green. Position: Supporting the shield ( Coat of Arms) Signifies a protector with strength, very clear and attentive eyes keeping watch over the country.
  8. The motto FREEDOM AND JUSTICE is found under the shield.

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