Ghanaian Languages

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The official language of Ghana is ENGLISH.


1. AKAN (Ashanti, Fante, Akuapem, Akyem, Kwahu) (Written Twi)
2. DAGAARE / WAALE Spoken in Upper Western Region (UWR)
3. DANGBE Spoken in Greater Accra.(G/A)
4. DAGBANE Spoken in Northern Region (NR)
5. EWE ” Volta Region (VR)
6. GA ” Greater Accra Region (G/A)
7. GONJA ” Northern Region (NR)
8. KASEM ” Upper Eastern Region (UER)
9. NZEMA ” Western Region (WR)


1. ADELE Spoken in VR (Tutukpene & Nkwanta)
2. ANUFO/CHOKOSI Spoken in NR (Chereponi)
3. BULI Spoken in UER (Sandema)
4. BIMOBA Spoken in NR (Bunkpurugu)
5. BIRIFOR Spoken in UWR & NR(Bilema & Danvar)
6. BASSARI Spoken in NR…
7. CHUMBURUNG Spoken in NR & VR (Ekumdipe)
8. FRAFRA Spoken in UER (Bolgatanga)
9. GIKYODE/AKYODE Spoken in VR (Shiare)
11. HANGA Spoken in NR (
12. KONKOMBA Spoken in NR (Saboba)
13. KUSAAL Spoken in UER (Bawku)
14. KASEM Spoken in UER (Navrongo)
15. KOMA Spoken in UER (Yipabongo)
16. BUEM/ LELEM Spoken in VR (Jasikan & Bodada)
18. MO/ DEG Spoken in B/A&NR (New Longoro & Bole Dist.)
19. NAFAANRA Spoken in B/A (Banda Ahenkro)
20. NKONYA Spoken in VR (Akloba & Wurupong)
21. NTRUBO / DELO Spoken in VR (Pusupu)
22. NAWURI Spoken in NR (Kitare)
23. SISAALA Spoken in UWR (Tumu)
24. TAMPULMA Spoken in NR
25. VAGLA Spoken in NR
26. WALI Spoken in UWR


2 thoughts on “Ghanaian Languages

    Zula Auter said:
    April 11, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    Hi, i just thought i’d post and also let you know your blogs layout basically actually messed up on true K-Melon browser. Anyhow keep up that great work.

      GADEL responded:
      July 27, 2010 at 1:57 pm

      Thanks for the tip. God bless 🙂

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